Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Trump Heralds US Military At Naval Academy

President Trump delivered the commencement Address at the U S Naval Academy Friday.

The President was warmly received at the Academy, where graduates and their families gathered at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.


President Trump heralded more than 1,000 newly-commissioned US Navy and Marine Corps officers on Friday for becoming “leaders in the most powerful and righteous force on the planet. Together you are the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade and the front of the shield defending and protecting our great country. There is no sea the Navy can’t brave and there is no storm the American sailor can’t conquer. You don’t give up, you don’t give in.”

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“In case you haven’t noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately,” telling them the military rebuilding has begun. He pointed to boosts to US military pay, the near-completion of the US’ largest aircraft carrier and the building of new US submarines. He also stressed his commitment to veterans.

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“We are not going to apologize for America, we are going to stand up for America. No more apologies. We are going to stand up for our citizens, we are going to stand up for our values and we are going to stand up for our men and women in uniform, Yes, they are respecting us again. Yes, America is back, we will have the strongest military that we ever had.”90 tons

Trump said the “best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war” and said that if “a fight must come, there is no other alternative. Victory.”

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“Winning is such a great feeling isn’t it? Nothing like winning.”


Even though our President is a very busy man, he stuck around and shook the hand of every single graduate to congratulate them! The President made it a point to congratulate and shake hands with each Cadet.

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