Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Trump Cancels NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Wow, I am pumped up. The President cancelled the Philadelphia Eagles White House visit because some of the players don’t want to attend.

They want to protest, so that seals the deal for me, no more NFL for me, no more NFL merchandise as far as I am concerned they no longer exist, last year I cancelled my Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, didn’t watch a single game, and didn’t buy any of my 9 grandsons any NFL merchandise. As far as I am concerned if you disrespect the Flag, The Anthem or our Pledge you are disrespecting me and all my friends and relatives who served and died for this country. I will leave it to this “NFL Go To Hell”

Philadelphia, the home of the Liberty Bell, where our Constitution was written, the birthplace of the Nation and their home town team acts like idiots.  Jeff Lurie is a wimp.  What total disrespect for the fans that pay the bills.

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