Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

NFL – “No Fans Left”


nfl trump

President Trump didn’t start this. The players made it a political debate by kneeling during the anthem and disrespecting the people who pay for tickets, subsidized their stadiums and died for their freedom to play a game for our entertainment! They are millionaire celebrities who need to find some other way to voice their opinions. The owners need to understand that we fans are only interested in one thing and that is seeing a competetive Football Game. We don’t want to see Terrell Owens act like a fool or Dez Bryant have a tantrum or watch Colin Kapernick kneel or a bunch of spoiled players express their political views.


These are some of the same players that we hear about abusing their wives and girlfriends, stealing a bottle of cologne at Macy’s, picked up for DWI or drug posession. They have plenty of other options and opportunities to voice their opinions. Why not go into the communities that you say you are protesting for and make a positive impact by being a role model and mentoring by example.

Because of this disrespect by players kneeling, crossing arms or holding a fist above their heads in protest and the Chicken S@%t owners allowing these antics, the people who pay all the bills, the fans will also protest. We the fans will not buy tickets or buy your overpriced tee-shirts.

tee shirt

If you pay for a ticket to a movie but have to sit through political statements from the well-paid celebrities who bash your country and ideals before the show starts, how long before you stop going.

When they are in our stadiums (subsidized by taxpayers), graced by our presence, playing under the name ‘National ‘ football league, they need to show the respect to the nation and citizens who make it possible.

Where is Peyton Manning, of all players from the league, where is his voice, we expect more from him besides making all of those stupid commercials. Without fans where would he be.peyton-manning-lionel-richie-directv-commercial

The Muslim owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars stands in protest with his players, Really!

Jaguar owner might want to check out the empty seats in his Stadium.

Then there is Ravens former Ray Lewis, who many think literally got away with murder, kneeling with players during the Anthem, the same Ray Lewis that is now a cable sports analyst.

Falcon owner Arthur Blank who owns Home Depot may see fans take their business elsewhere.

Pretty soon NFL will mean “No Fans Left”.


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