Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Talk Show Traitor

Most of the hosts of late-night television talk shows are liberal left-wing hacks who have basically been making their bread and butter over the last three years by smearing President Trump on a nightly basis.

While these guys are repeat offenders when it comes to this phenomenon, none of them are as heinous as Stephen Colbert, host of CBS Late Night. Colbert recently paid a visit to New Zealand where he stated that he’s not proud of his country.

Cycling through the capital of Wellington on a four-wheeled bicycle, Colbert asked two New Zealanders whether they feel proud of their country.


“Oh, yeah, love that,” one of them replies, to which Stephen Colbert responds: “I miss that feeling.”

 Colbert also used the opportunity to falsely suggest that the Republican Party was only supported by white people. “We have a team in the United States called the ‘all-whites’, and it’s the Republican party,” he said at one point.


Colbert seems to be out of touch with most American citizens who live in this country.  He really needs to get out of the city and visit the rural areas, where people are responsible for themselves and have actual work ethics and simply want the government to leave them alone.


People like Colbert and those who live in large urban centers seem to think the rest of us want the help of the government to help fix our problems. No thanks. Unlike major cities who are overrun by helpless liberals who want the government to solve all their issues, most good Americans are responsible for themselves and can work out solutions to major issues on our own.

That’s what makes America the best nation in the world, and why most of us are so proud to call it home.

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