Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Spontaneous Trump Protest Rally, “Really”

“Spontaneous Protest”, “Really”, Am I the only person to notice that Protesters are carrying commercially printed signs at so called Spontaneous Trump Protests’.  Do you think these people might have a commercial printing press in their kitchen or garage.

Notice the girl on the left with the BLM shirt and the words “Socialist Worker” at the top of the “Dump Trump” sign.  How bout the two ‘Bored Girls’ on the right and the guy with the missing teeth in the middle.

Do you ever notice that they are usually the same color schemes.  Most say the same thing.  Just a coincidence that everyone going to the protest just happened had the same idea and all had a printing press at home.

Funny how they have the same organizations name in small print at the bottom.  For the most part these people carrying the signs probably have the slogans they are shouting printed on the reverse side for those that can read.

Judging the looks of most of these people they couldn’t afford to buy or print anything.  They are paid to show up and then someone has to tell them what they are protesting that day.

Same MO, some guy or gal with an electric megaphone or loud speaker leading the jeers and pumping up the crowd for the media to film for tonight’s news.

More protesters that have a foreign agenda!  Wow! Nice home made signs!

These large banners have to be ordered days in advance and cost several hundred dollars.


Check out the girl on the left with the Black Lives Matter Shirt from the Rally the day before.  No one told her in advance what the protest was for, obviously!  And they all printed the same signs at home.  The Dump Trump signs say Socialist Worker at the top.

 And lets not forget how a giant Trump Balloon just happened to show up at this spontaneous protest, not to mention that these balloons cost thousands of dollars not to mention how they got it there with enough Helium cylinders to inflate it to the tune of probably $500.  It wasn’t transported in the backseat on some protesters car.

And then it shows up in London, England just days later.  The people you see in the streets protesting couldn’t buy the Balloon mush less ship it to London.  Sounds like maybe Georgie is involved as usual funding anything that is anti-American.

Who do you think bought the uniforms and did the embroidery on the back.

George Soros, the man reportedly behind the Spontaneous Protest Rally’s.

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