Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Socialism Is Not The Answer

When Democrats finally realized that Donald Trump had in fact defeated Hillary Clinton and was going to be the 45th President of the United States, they went into a state of depression and started to ponder their cruel fate. On college campuses around the nation, horrified students stayed up into early morning and stared in disbelief at the fate that had befallen them.

Hillary Clinton would not be the president to make their college free and enforce political correctness on the non-campus for real world. Many who desperately sought a safe space, were accommodated in other ways by faculty and administration who shared their angst by cancelling classes to allow them time to grieve over Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump. The attention of the left-wing quickly turned to a certain date: Nov. 6, 2018.

They truly believe that will be the day Americas realize the horrible mistake of electing Donald Trump, and will restore the Democrat Party to its rightful place as our governing agent. They think Americans will be ready to wipe out GOP majorities in the House and Senate and thereby handcuff President Trump for the last few months of his term with a “blue wave”.

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Well, ‘Surprise, Surprise, Surprise’, President Trump and congressional Republicans have kick started a stagnant economy by cutting taxes, repealing regulations, reducing unemployment, creating jobs by encouraging Companies to return to America, cancelling unfair Trade Agreements, supporting law enforcement and the military while the Stock Market is putting up unprecedented numbers.

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While it’s still possible Democrats might regain some seats in Congress with the “Free Stuff” Socialistic Platform, there’s no guarantee that either the House or Senate will flip back to Democrat control.

The Chairman of the Democrat Party says that Democratic Socialism is the future of the Party.

In their desperation Democrat voters, have been showing up at primaries ready to elect the person who promises the most free stuff regardless of relevant experience. Shockingly a 20-year veteran Democrat House leader Joe Crowley of New York was upset by a 28-year-old novice candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who appears to be the standard bearer for the ‘Democratic Socialist of America’.

Ocasio-Cortez has been less than forthright about her intentions and ideas, even conceding that capitalism was the “most efficient and best” system, but only temporarily.

“Medicare for All” is estimated to 32.6 Trillion over 10 years. That number alone should concern any rational, informed, educated person. Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid already consumes 66% of our current National Budget.

While Ocasio-Cortez is popular among Millennial’s who have no problem creating what they consider the evolution of society beyond capitalism.

Establishment Democrats are a little nervous as they see their best chance at regaining congressional control slipping away because Independents aren’t buying into this far-left message and Republicans are being motivated to go to the polls.

The Leftist Democratic movement since November 2016 has been one of anger, confusion, hate and denial tempered by a lack of agreement on an agenda moving forward. The success of Ocasio-Cortez has caused anxiety among the Establishment Democrats. They must hope that the Millennial’s, peering out from the shelter of their “safe spaces,” can’t separate rhetoric from reality.

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