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‘Silent Trump Supporters’

During the 2016 elections, Trump supporters would not reveal their true sympathies to pollsters. Early on I openly voiced my support but after having signs repeatedly stolen from my front yard and support stickers ripped off my car I became guarded as to when and where I voiced my preference. At first it was confusing because in past elections the conversations and actions of those with a different view was just verbal disagreement. I started to realize that the Obama era had some how changed the way people disagreed and emboldened those inclined to violence after seeing the Obama Administration questioning and vilifying Law Enforcement and encouraging resistance to enforcing laws, aiding and abetting civil disobedience and consequently eroded respect and civility for the opinions of others inciting bad and illegal behavior.

Both sides of my family were Democrats and I was a Democrat, voted for and supported JFK. Shortly after getting over Kennedy’s death and having a family to support, my brain activated and I started to think for myself and asking questions about the Liberal Democrat policy and quickly discovered that I had a big problem with LBJ’s policies and actions and became aware that I was a Constitutional Conservative with a deep sense of Nationalism.

So, during the 2016 election Trump supporters were routinely denigrated, harassed, vilified, called racist, vandalized and disrespected it was understandable that Trump supporters were often silent in their support for fear of being the target of Liberal violence and disrespect.

The abusive and aggressive approach of the Clinton’s was not a surprise but the vulgar tone and the lack of civility was unprecedented. The Clinton’s even then were in Panic mode and resorted to the dirtiest campaign in history.

In the end ‘The Silent Trump Supporter’ prevailed.

Today 2018, the ‘Silent Trump Supporter’ has gone global.

Around the world, government officials and heads of state continuously denounce President Trump, but at the same time they are quietly pursuing and implementing the game-changing policies that President Trump has championed and implemented.

A recent Bloomberg report stated,”China and the European Union vowed to oppose trade protectionism in an apparent rebuke to the U.S., saying unilateral actions risked pushing the world into a recession”.

However, European companies are complaining about the “lack of reciprocity between the access to China’s markets that they get, and the access Chinese companies get to Europe.”

The European Union also has problems with China’s forced technology transfers, steel overcapacity, cyber espionage and investments targeting critical technology and infrastructure.

Although the EU wants to promote multilateral globalism, they acknowledge the World Trade Organization needs to be updated “to better equip it for the contemporary world.”

In the same Bloomberg Report they admit that, “China’s non-reciprocal protection of its home market, its industrial espionage, forced technology transfer, deliberate overproduction of steel and aluminum, and the World Trade Organization’s inability to deal with Beijing’s flagrant serial violations.”

These are the issues that President Trump has addressed after decades of diplomatic talk and no action.

The EU has become ‘Silent Trump Supporters’.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, states in public about how he won’t be pushed around by President Trump, but the Canadian Government is preparing a combination of quotas and tariffs to prevent a flood of steel imports from other countries including China. ” This move follows similar ‘safeguard’ measures being considered by the European Union.”

Sounds like Canada has become ‘Silent Trump Supporters’.

Even though Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau condemns the Trump administration’s immigration policies as “unacceptable,” Toronto Mayor John Tory says his city can’t handle the huge number of refugees and asylum seekers entering Canada and is asking for help from the Canadian Government.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel who is vocally anti-Trump and against President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda, wants to send some of the million recent immigrants to the other European countries that they came through on their way to Germany. Her coalition partners want any new asylum seekers turned back at the border. The European Commission is considering setting up centers in North Africa for migrants intercepted at sea and not allowed to continue to Europe.

Sounds like Germany has become ‘Silent Trump Supporters’.

Does this sound familiar? These are the same policies President Trump is advocating when he says Mexico should deal with the migrants flowing through that country, asylum seekers should be dealt with at the border, and Middle Eastern refugees should be taken care of in their home regions.

President Trump did the hard work and had the guts to discard the failed policies of the past.  He’s charting a new course for an international system collapsing under the stress of decades of systemic imbalances in trade, production and employment opportunities.

As usual our alleged Allies are denouncing the United States and President Trump, even as they implement similar policies.natoToday Trump supporters are being bullied on social media and in public, with many Liberals and Democrats like Maxine Waters inciting the targeting of anyone connected to the Republican Party or President Trump where ever encountered. These actions are a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to the citizens of America and to our Democracy.

The Socialistic agenda of the Liberal Democrat Party has moved out of the shadows into clear bright light and should be recognized as ‘Communism’.democratic-socialists-sf1


As I have stated before:
Lincoln had General Grant
Roosevelt had General Patton
America has Donald Trump

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