Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Schumer Slams Hostage Release

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer slammed President Trump on the Senate floor Thursday for thanking Kim Jong Un for releasing the American Hostages.

President Trump thanked Kim for treating the Hostages well and for releasing them during his 3am news conference while welcoming the Hostages home.

Trump said it boded well for the high-stakes summit he will hold with the North Korean dictator next month.

During his remarks at the air base, Trump told reporters the prisoners’ release would not change his approach to dealing with Kim and called the North Korean leader “nice” for letting them go.

“We very much appreciate that he allowed them to go before the meeting. It was sort of understood that we’d be able to get these three terrific people during the meeting and bring them home after the meeting,” Trump said. “And he was nice in letting them go before the meeting.”


Schumer said, “We can’t be fooled into giving the North Korean regime credit for releasing Americans that never should have been detained in the first place, It is so troubling to hear President Trump say that Kim Jong Un treated the Americans excellently.”

Schumer said Trump’s comments are not a good sign for Trump’s ability to negotiate a tough agreement with North Korea in the upcoming negotiations, which are aimed at convincing Kim to end his nuclear weapons program.

“We’re all rooting for diplomacy to succeed on the Korean Peninsula but we cannot sacrifice the safety of American citizens around the world in exchange for an illusory veneer of peace,” he said. “I worry that this president in his eagerness to strike a deal and get the acclaim and a photo-op, will strike a quick one and a bad one, not a strong one.”

In view of the Obama Administrations complete failures over their 8 years in power,

Schumer must think we Americans are stupid to believe his obstructionist retoric.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., defended Trump’s remarks on Thursday. Ryan said the president should be given some “leeway” as he prepares for the summit.

It is not a surprise that Schumer and the Liberal Left would criticize the President because they hate his successes because they don’t care about the well being of the American people but rather hope he fails so as to strengthen their Liberal agenda.

I believe that Americans from both parties are realizing that something awsome and un-presidented is unfolding almost daily.

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