Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Schumer, The Obstructionist

The controversy over how illegal aliens and their underage children are handled at the border is heating up, but Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer continues to reject any good-faith proposals to fix the problem.

A growing number of people on both sides of the political aisle have expressed concern for border separations, which occur when migrants are caught breaking the law along the border while they have children with them, or when the often exploitative relationship between adults and minors at the border cannot be established.

A vast amount of mis-information and outright lying about the situation has muddied the water, making it tough to understand the situation in its entirety. Both liberals and conservatives, however, have voiced their support for a better system that results in fewer family separations, and even President Trump has indicated that he is willing to stand with Congress if they change the law.

It looks like Schumer isn’t willing to consider any proposals to fix the problem, and is instead playing politics in order to attack Trump.

Schumer openly rejected a Republican proposal to fix the immigrant separation problem at the legislative level, and instead whined about the President.

Democrats Rejected a Bill To Keep Families Together At Border because Schumer wanted “To Keep Focus On Trump”

Think about that for a second: The president’s job is to execute existing laws. The legislature’s job is to change or enact new laws when needed.

A Senator elected to the legislature for exactly that purpose is now refusing to do his job and pass legislation, while simultaneously blaming the President for enforcing the existing laws, as he is sworn to do.

If there was any doubt that Schumer and the Democrats are playing politics instead of trying to actually help migrant families, the Senator has made his intentions clear: Obstruct and point fingers at Trump.
“Asked if that meant Democrats would not support a bill backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to keep immigrant families together while seeking asylum on the U.S. border, Schumer said “they want to keep the focus on Trump.”

Make no mistake: The Democrats dragging their feet and refusing to back legislation already drafted by Republicans will prolong the problems at the border.

“Schumer’s opposition to a legislative fix means the Democrats want to keep this issue in play till the Mid-terms.Democrats want to keep the pressure on Trump instead of having Congress assume responsibility for the growing crisis.

There’s a solution ready to go, with Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ready to support it. Yet Democrats like Schumer apparently believe that scoring political points against Trump is more important than fixing the immigration problem.

This “do nothing but blame Trump” response from the left should prove beyond a doubt that all the tears and hand-wringing from liberals are disingenuous. They’re for show. If it was truly about helping innocent kids at the border, Schumer and his fellow Democrats would have joined with the Republicans and the President and solve the problem.

If their priority was actually to solve the problem, scoring points against Trump shouldn’t even be a concern. The Democrats need to do their job and support bipartisan legislation to fix the problem..
They won’t, because solving the problem was never their goal. They are playing political games and using devastated children as pawns, while pretending that the President is a Monster.

The American people can now see exactly who is doing the obstruction.

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