Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Refugee Caravan Stopped

After President Trump criticized the Mexican Government for allowing the Central American refugee caravans to travel through Mexico to reach the US border they have stopped the caravans at Mexico City.

migrants at soccer field

In view of our humanitarian efforts in the Middle East maybe it is time to focus on the problems in our own backyard and start forcing those corrupt Central American third world regimes to stop exploiting their citizens and implement programs that will provide hope education, safety, jobs and opportunity in their country. Maybe we should deploy troops to Honduras, Guatemala, San Salvador and Nicaragua.

central america map

All of these beautiful countries have had corrupt governments for decades. By stabilizing these countries their people would no longer need to leave to have jobs and opportunity. This could also be the cure for drug trafficking from these countries. We need to start with Mexico. Mexico is run by the Drug Lords and the corrupt Mexican Government does very little to combat them.  Mexican President Nieto has started recently to attack the drug trafficking problem and did get ElChapo.


Mexico is the best example of “Have’s and Have Not’s” that I know of for a country that claims to be looking out for their people. All of the progress in Mexico over the last 50 years has been American Companies opening up plants there and Americans vacationing there.

You have to ask why are Mexicans wanting to leave the country that they seem to love. Mexico is a beautiful country but many of their people think they have to leave to have a chance for a decent life. Most of the Mexicans that I know are honest, religious, respectful, hard-working people.

The Mexican government is very critical of the US for wanting to protect our border and not allow illegal immigration but they continually ignore and take no responsibility for why their people want to leave.

mex border-inspection

Isn’t it amazing that Canadians don’t feel the need to immigrate illegally to the US.

can cross

Every country needs borders to protect their citizens, monitor for contraband, know who is here and to maintain Sovereignty.

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