Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Ratcliffe “I’ve Seen The Documents”

Former US Attorney and Rep. John Ratcliffe told Jason Chaffetz on Hannity “Í’ve seen the documents” that indicate Comey and Brennan were running an operation to spy on the Trump Camp way  before the opening of Crossfire Hurricane.


The pieces of the coup to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America are coming undone. Evidence from various sources now confirms that Obama’s CIA, DOJ and FBI illegally spied on the Trump team starting in 2015 and then built a coup to prevent him from winning the election and later remove him from office!


According to far left LA Times, fired FBI Director James Comey stated under oath in March of 2017 that the FBI investigation into the Trump – Russia scandal started in July 2016. Now we know without a doubt that Comey lied about this.


On June 4, 2018, the US Senate released over 500 pages of information related to the Spygate scandal. Hidden in the information were unredacted Strzok – Page texts that show the FBI initiated actions to insert multiple spies in the Trump campaign in December 2015.  Text messages between Peter Strzok and his girlfriend in the FBI, Lisa Page, lead to information that ‘Spygate’ started in early 2015.

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The texts show evidence of collusion and wrongdoing by Obama’s FBI and confirmed at that time that the Obama CIA and FBI were spying on Trump way before Crossfire Hurricane.



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