Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

President Attends Round Table On MS-13

President Trump attended a round table event on Wednesday in New York to discuss MS-13 and combating illegal immigration.

He spoke with and met families who have lost loved ones at the hands of the brutal gang, and spoke about the importance of law enforcement arresting and deporting the “animals” from the country.


When the event was over and Trump was walking back to board Marine One, he noticed a group of law enforcement officers to his right who wanted to meet him.  The President broke away from the group and literally running to greet the law enforcement officers.

pres cops

Just let that soak in. The president of the United States stopped what he was doing and ran about 20 feet to shake the hands of every single police officer before he left.

tr pol
When was the last time a president gave a spontaneous, genuine, and personal appreciation for the police? It has been many years.

trump shakes
It’s unclear what Trump said to he officers, but he was likely thanking them for their heroism, bravery, and everything they do to protect their communities.

The media will never report this, but it shows how much our president loves our law enforcement officers.

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