Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Pelosi Wants The Crumbs Back

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi indicated Tuesday that the Democrats would like to roll back the tax reform law passed last year if they gain control of Congress this November.


Pelosi pledged to discard the popular bill, which has prompted several major American companies to boost wages, share profits, and in some cases move their production operations back from overseas.

Radical left-wing Rep. Ted Lieu then chimed in, It is going to result in deep cuts to Social Security, to Medicare, to all these critical programs that serve a lot of Americans.”

There is no evidence to back up Ted Lieu’s claims, but when do facts matter to Democrats?

In January, Pelosi dismissed bonuses given to workers as a result of the tax reform plan as “crumbs”, despite the fact that some workers received bonuses worth up to $2,000.



“Now you’ve heard it straight from Nancy Pelosi’s mouth: if Democrats take back the House and she’s reinstalled as Speaker, your taxes will go up,”

As usual Pelosi proved again that she is out of touch and in denial!

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