Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

“Obstruct – Obstruct – Obstruct”

By Mark, Contributing Associate

A lot of stuff on my mind this week with the Nike scandal and SCOTUS confirmation hearings going on. For the first time I’ve actually been tuning in when I can to the confirmation hearings. Coffee breaks and lunch time have provided me a few minutes here and there to listen in and see the circus we call our government in action. Earlier in the week I was called out that my posts where an attack on people that didn’t believe as I did. Although I don’t feel my pointing out the hypocrisy of the media and some elected officials as an attack. More of a defense. I have been silent most to the last year and half while many of my liberal associates have bashed President Trump. Literally every single thing he did triggered a negative comment from them. The media is much the same way with 90+ percent of their stories being negative. And so I decided to air some of my opinions in defense of President Trump and since doing that someone has accused me and other conservatives of tearing apart the country. WHAT? We are accused of slowing the progress of our country moving forward. HUH? I am thankful for those friends for their comments in support of my opinion. Thanks for having my back! 

Just yesterday after watching a bit of the confirmation hearings and witnessing the constant disruption of the hearings by liberal protesters – over 70 arrests made. During day 1 the Democrats interrupted the proceedings 60+ times first one starting just 7 seconds into the hearing. All of this planned and orchestrated in advance by Democratic leaders. There is no shortage of articles on the subject so I suggest researching on your own. So if conservatives like me are responsible for tearing apart our country and impeding progress, then what do you call the actions of these Democrats and liberal organizations? This was not a kumbaya message folks coming out of the mouths of those protesters. The actions to block confirmation didn’t sound much like moving the country forward. Oh and when I pointed out who started all this mess it was pointed out that it didn’t matter and we should be adult about it. Well did you hear the latest plan by the Democrats? Yeah they plan to shake their fists during the confirmation hearings. Sen Cory Booker is practicing making faces and Sen Kamala Harris is planning to wear a hand maiden’s costume. Sounds very adult to me. How about you? I hope my friend will spend a little effort spreading his message to the other side. Seems to me they could use a little constructive criticism as well. I hope I get to see more of the circus today. Maybe catch Sen Booker making mean faces and Sen Harris sporting her costume and the synchronous fist shaking.

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