Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Night After Night, Day After Day

Night after night, day after day we see people, reporters, politicians, athletes, movie stars, magazines, websites, TV Networks and Main Stream Media bash, trash, insult, distort, and disparage the President endlessly and viciously.  There seems to be no end to their hateful and distorted comments about the President.  The Democrats, Liberal Left and the Socialist are in panic as the President is succeeding far beyond what anyone would have expected.  He is rebuilding our Military, has established American strategic  over Obama’s strategic patience.  He has kept his promise to cancel and tear up stupid trade deals, particularly NAFTA, which was probably the worst of a vast number of stupid American trade agreements. He has shocked the Democrats, RINO’s and the Main Stream Media by keeping another promise.  Promises made promises kept is Trumps passion and commitment to the American people.  At some point you would think everyone would realize that what Trump says is what he means, and he means what he says.

He has inspired Trillions of dollars of growth in our markets while driving our economic growth to an unprecedented record of 4.6% after Obama said that less than 2% was normal.  Remember when Obama said to entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that, someone else did.”  President Trump has deregulated our economy which had been suffocating under Obama and the Democrats.  Cutting taxes as he promised during his campaign, restoring Consumer confidence to a record level, expanding the middle class, wage increases, job growth and restoring prosperity for all Americans.  Record low unemployment rates for minorities and record high in minority home ownership.  All segments of our society are benefiting from his policies.  Lowest unemployment rates for women is 20 years.  Job growth is out of control, with more available jobs than people to fill them.  We no longer are the ‘Worlds Piggy Bank’, with NATO Allies now starting to step up and pay their share for their own defense.  Canceling the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, bailing out of the Paris Climate Deal to name a few of the big ones.  No more apologies to foreign countries for American exceptionalism.

The Main Stream Media never criticized or called out Obama for his disparaging comments about America or his failed policies.


Trump is leading America on the path to Make America Great Again.

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