Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Mexico’s Wall

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Mexico tells us we don’t need a Wall at our Southern Border, but they have had a very formidable wall on their Southern Border between Mexico and Guatamala for years.  Not only a wall but have armed guard towers.  You have to ask yourself this question, “Why are all of the Mexican citizens trying to leave Mexico and if these people are so important to our economy wouldn’t you think they could also be important to the Mexican economy.   The Mexican Government and Mexican Elite demonize, as do the Liberal and Democrat  leadership, our President and call Conservatives and Republicans racist and bigots.   If I were the Mexican Leadership I think I would be embarresed that my people were fleeing my country. It seems that they would be trying to take care of their people instead of pushing them on the United States.  The the most amazing thing is that when they get here they are waving the Mexican Flag, disrespecting our flag and wonder why we aren’t embracing them.  Then Jorge Ramos the Univision News Anchor acts like a fool on TV and the former President Vincent Fox gives us the finger and we are supposed to turn the other cheek.  Their new President Nieto acts like we are bad heartless people.  Let’s face the fact that the Mexican Government has been one of the most corrupt Governments on the planet.   They have turned a blind eye to human trafficing for the sex trade and drug trade for as long as anyone can remember.   Then they want to give the American People a lecture about not wanting to take responsibility for their problem.  We need to call out Mexico for what is is and has been.   I personally don’t want one penny of my hard earned taxes used to provide for these illegals.  The cost of our wall will pay for itself immediately.  Instead of protesting our President maybe the need to hold protest against their own government and Mexican President.

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