Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Liberal Hollywood’s Disrespect For America

“First Man” Is a movie about a group of Brave Patriotic Americans and a Historic American moment, the first moon landing.

I haven’t seen “First Man” yet, nor do I intend too. I have only read the reviews from the Venice Film Festival.

Liberal Hollywood decided to leave the most famous image from the entire moon landing, the planting of the American flag out of it.

There have been several of explanations about why it was omitted from the producers and actors.

The most illogical explanation was that it was a moment that “transcended countries and borders.”

Really? I don’t remember any other country contributing anything to this historic, unprecedented, monumental accomplishment. I don’t remember the Soviets, the Chinese, or any other country even celebrating this moment because it was our moment, the American people’s moment, whose engineering, money, technology, knowledge, determination, bravery and resolve made it possible to go there in the first place.

If it transcended borders, it did so only because of American ingenuity.

What is troubling is that the Liberal Establishment don’t get that this was a distinctly American moment, it’s that they don’t get why there would be distinctly American moments to begin with, especially when it involves our flag.

This film was made and conceived by individuals for whom the flag is an ambiguous, hateful symbol.

And the fact is, this is a product of Hollywood, a town with a marked contempt for the country that makes it possible.

We shouldn’t be surprised. But we should be insulted.

The greatest miscalculation in movie promotion is to piss off your target audience while trying to appease people who would never be interested in the subject matter anyway. Flag hating Liberal, Socialist, Democrats were never going to see the moon landing movie in the first place and now with the flagrant removal of the flag scene, not many patriots will either.

Conservatives aren’t going to see it, and liberals never were.

What a bunch of Liberal, Socialist, Communist Bastards we have in Hollywood.

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