Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Justice Sotomayor Steps Over The Line

The Supreme Court upheld the Trump travel Ban overturning a liberal judge in Hawaii who who temporarily shut down the President’s travel ban.

The Liberal Agenda wants to allow anyone who wants to enter the United States a free pass.

The Supreme Court disagreed with this lunacy on Tuesday with a 5 to 4 ruling.

The travel ban could result in Muslim (Islamic) immigration to the US to be reduced by as much as 21% which probably isn’t enough. Any educated person knows that Islam promotes the death of anyone who does not practice the Islamic religion.

Far left Socialist Justice Sonia Sotomayor was furious and unleashed a 20 minute rant over the decision to uphold Trump’s travel ban.

Sotomayor said the court’s majority, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, blindly accepted the government’s misguided invitation to set aside problematic comments Trump made before and after taking office.

The President stopped the immigration of refugees from countries that were hotbeds for Islamic Terrorist.

It is unprecedented for a Supreme Court Justices to openly and publicly criticize the Courts decisions and calling out other Justices and making inflammatory comments about a sitting President.

The Ultra liberal Sonia Sotomayor was appointed by President Obama to the Supreme Court in 2009.
Sotomayor is widely known over the year’s for her own racist statements calling herself a “wise Latina.”
She has made it her practice to bash white males. She had stated that “a wise Latina woman would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male”. Basically saying, white males are clueless.

She said, “this new window dressing cannot conceal an unassailable fact: the words of the President and his advisers create the strong perception that the Proclamation is contaminated by impermissible discriminatory animus against Islam and its followers, he has continued to make remarks that a reasonable observer would view as an unrelenting attack on the Muslim religion and its followers, Given President Trump’s failure to correct the reasonable perception of his apparent hostility toward the Islamic faith, it is unsurprising that the President’s lawyers have, at every step in the lower courts, failed in their attempts to launder the Proclamation of its discriminatory taint.”

The fact is, not all Muslims are terrorist, but most terrorist are Muslims. That fact gives rise to the need for in depth vetting of anyone wanting to enter into the United States from predominantly Muslim Countries or from any other country that expresses hate for the United States , Democracy and it’s citizens.

President Trump swore an Oath, the same Oath that Obama violated continuously, to protect and defend the United States and it’s citizens. The President does not owe any allegiance to any foreign immigrant or government. We don’t have to apologize to any country or foreign immigrant for protecting our Borders.

Justice Sotomayor is an Ultra Leftist Socialist. Thank God there are 5 wise, sane Justices on the Court who understand that Americans come first.

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