Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

It’s Called “Respect”

When the World Series champion Washington Nationals visited the White House, one member of the team decided to flout current political correctness and don a MAGA hat, raising his arms in triumph.

Kurt Suzuki stepped up to the podium and immediately pulled out a MAGA cap and put it on.  This surprised and delighted the President and the First Lady.

Suzuki and his wife Renee founded the Kurt Suzuki Family Foundation a non-profit agency that is dedicated to supporting the scientific research of chronic illnesses as well as encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

It has been all too common in recent years for ignorant professional athletes on championship winning teams to refuse to visit the Trump White House most of whom have no idea of what Donald Trump has done for the Nations well being and the benefits that minorities are enjoying under his Presidency. 

A flourishing economy has enabled these athletes to earn Millions as a result of fans having more money in their pockets to spend.  

Disrespecting the President is also disrespect to those citizens who elected him.

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