Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Innuendo – Allusion – Insinuation

Chris Wallace is the Champion of Innuendo, Allusion and Insinuation.

He is the son of the late Mike Wallace long time host of 60 Minutes, who was a very staunch Democrat as is Chris by his own public admission.

mike wal

Wallace appeared on The Late Show November 2, 2018 with Stephen Colbert a strong critic of President Trump.

colbert wallace

Colbert brought up the subject of Trump’s treatment of the press.

Colbert asked Wallace: “Has he ever attacked you?” “Are you “fake news?’” “Are you an ‘enemy of the people.

Wallace said. “He’s let me know that he doesn’t think I treat him fair.”

Then Colbert asked, “Are you an ‘enemy of the people?’”

“By his lights? I don’t know. Maybe a little bit.”


During Wallace’s acceptance remarks at the Media Institute Awards Ceremony last October, he criticized President Trump for calling the press “enemy of the people.”

hume wall

Most recently Wallace called former congressman Newt Gingrich a Hypocrite. because Gingrich called the current inquiry against the President “an unconstitutional coup d’état, to use the power of the Congress to change the outcome for the American people and is a direct assault on the whole idea of representing the American people and instead imposing democratic members of Congress as the ultimate Electoral College.”

n gin

Wallace argued that the measure is the exact opposite of unconstitutional stating that the Constitution specifically says that impeachment is left to Congress with very little statement as to how they want to conduct it.  Wallace referred to the impeachment effort that Gingrich led against Bill Clinton in 1998.

cli ging

Wallace finished by saying  “We may find out that there is some there-there — there’s no there-there, but to call it unconstitutional or an effort to overturn an election, that’s a reach for somebody like Newt Gingrich who was involved in the last impeachment effort.”

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