Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Immigration, The Right Way

By Mark Berry, Contributing Associate

I often start my morning reading Townhall, a conservative news website. Read an article this morning about Cruz’s opponent that held a rally yesterday in Graham, TX. Every person supporting him mention they liked his stance on immigration. Not one person mentioned abortion, marahoochie, gun control or the other liberal topics of his platform. So I thought I might vent a little about immigration.

Beto O’Rourke

First I love immigration. The US is a country of immigrants. Other than my native American relatives, all my others came from somewhere else. England and Ireland and other parts of the world. Every conservative supports immigration but the one difference is we support LEGAL immigration. You know the process that all those other great American immigrants went through to become part of America.

Those are the people that are ELIGIBLE┬áto vote, get social security and other forms of assistance. They can run for office and many of the other privileges of being a citizen. It takes an investment to legally immigrate to the US. You get a green card first and then have to spend 5 years being a productive member of society, only 3 years if you’re married to a US citizen.

You also probably need an attorney to help but my guess is it cost less than the amount illegals pay a drug cartel member to help them cross over illegally. You might ask yourself why such a cumbersome process? Well it is simple, the US wants to make sure you have a good reason for being here or at least no bad reasons for being where you came from. That’s why you need a sponsor. Someone that is going to be responsible for you so you do NOT become a burden on other US citizens. You have to pass a health exam.

We don’t want someone coming here that poses a health risk to other citizens. These processes exist for a reason – to protect others! Although you might think it’s difficult and unfair, think about the others you impose on and create difficulties for. Is it fair for us to finance your dreams? You didn’t even ask, you just imposed. That is the issue for most conservatives. If a process is too easy and ineffective then why have it? Ted Cruz believes in keeping our border safe and secure. His opponent wants open borders and to give citizenship to criminals that crossed illegally – slapping the faces of all you great Americans that did it right.

This article explains the immigration process very thoroughly. Please take time to read it to better understand why we do the things we do.

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