Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

God Bless President Trump

The few Democrat friends that will still speak to me, still ask me why I voted for and continue to support the rude, crude, mean SOB Donald Trump.

First I am a very Patriotic, Constitutional Conservative that is Pro Law Enforcement and Pro Military and the fact that I have a long line of ancestors that arrived in this country in the 1600’s and who fought in all of the country’s wars including the Civil War where some fought for the South and some for the North.

I believe in very strong Border Security but support legal immigration. I absolutely want illegals rounded up, prosecuted and deported. I love children but refuse to get caught up in the emotional issue of family separation because their parents chose to take the risk of illegally crossing our border. I do not want one penny of my tax money going to feed, house, educated or provide medical needs for these criminals that have broken our immigration laws. I did not cause their problem. I am incensed to see these people going around chanting Mexico, Mexico and waving their foreign Mexican Flags protesting our law enforcement and calling our President dirty names. These people can kiss my A$$. I want them arrested and shipped out immediately. If they come in the right way I will welcome and help these legal immigrants.


I like to use an Analogy to explain to them my reasoning.

My Analogy is this, do you want a Doctor that has the knowledge, skills, education, resolve and determined to cure all your ills or do you want a pansy A$$ who plays golf, has a nice smile, talks a good game, panders to our enemies and can’t cure anything and in the process causes more problems.

I have said several times that Lincoln needed the SOB US Grant to put an end to the Civil War, Roosevelt needed the SOB George Patton to defeat the Germans and we need a SOB (Donald Trump) to save our country, protect our Freedom and Liberty for our future generations.

If you research Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Leftist Liberals you will find corruption and Treason that is unprecedented and not to forget the Corrupt Clinton’s and their Political Machine and Barack Obama continuing to work in the shadows trying to obstruct and undermine the sitting President that we the people elected to lead our country. We need to stop supporting the corrupt Media and let their sponsors know that we are watching and taking note of their attempts to distort the truth and spreading ‘Fake News’ and refuse to give the President credit for the great work he is getting done.

Donald Trump does not Pander to anyone and is fearless in getting the job done. He stands for the American people even if it harelips the Deep State Democrats and Republicans or our so called friends and allies.

The informed American people have to stand up and be counted and heard in the up coming Mid-Term Elections.

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