Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Federal Wage Freeze

It’s another day in paradise and another day for Dems and MSM to trash President Trump.

By Mark, Contributing Associate

If you haven’t figured it out yet, President Trump is a businessman and apparently a darn good one building up a multibillion dollar empire. Last check his net worth is 3.1 Billion dollars. He often applies his business acumen to running this country. So far it’s working with the economy soaring and US citizens confidence levels at record highs. His business sense is working with new trade deals happening with Europe and most recently Mexico. A new deal with Canada will happen soon. China is feeling the pressure and responding with helping with negotiations with N. Korea. All good stuff and unless you look at conservative news sources you won’t hear about it. So today I read that President Trump has cancelled an across the board pay increase for federal employees in 2019. Said the budget would not support it. He also says pay increases should be merit based. You know, like they do in the real world in business. If you have worked in industry for any length of time you’ve gone through what they call a review cycle and hopefully received a pay raise based on your performance. Other factors play into it like health of the company. I’ve endured at least 3 years where I received ZERO pay increase because the company didn’t do well. This is the way companies work and stay in business. I think it’s a great idea and it will only help productivity of Federal employees. Look at this way. When you go into a restaurant and get a server that works their rear off taking your order, refilling your drinks and checking back often to see if you need anything you feel compelled to tip them handsomely right? Ever gone to one of those restaurants that pool their tips? You know, they put all the tips into a big jar and then divide them evenly at the end of the night. Yeah, those are the places where the service always suffers. No incentive for servers to work their tails off.

So that brings me to this article talking about President Trump FREEZING pay for federal employees. Emphasis on FREEZE. Dems and MSM are reporting this as a pay CUT. No President Trump is not CUTTING pay. The other thing is he wants raises to be MERIT based. So what I read into this is that he wants to replace the across the board salary increase with a review system. I think this is an excellent idea. If you didn’t already know this, I suggest reading this article on the benefits of being a federal employee. It opened my eyes a bit.

Click here to view Federal Pay Guidelines and get MAD!

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