Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

Falling Star

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NBC is losing their $69 Million gamble to steal Megan Kelly from Fox News and transform her into a mainstream media superstar on NBC. NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack made a big mistake hiring Kelly in the belief that she could help ratings at NBC. Since joining NBC’s morning show “TODAY” the ratings have plummeted 18% from what that time slot was drawing last season, according to Nielsen media research.

Kelly claims that erroneous portrayal of her in the media is to blame. Her Sunday evening show “Dateline” a news magazine show last year was a disaster.

Kelly jumped from Fox after 12 years to NBC because of unhappiness over the long running feud with Donald Trump who had called her out for the handling of the Presidential Debates and a strained relationship with Fox boss Rupert Murdoch. Kelly’s salary at Fox had been reported to be $15 million per year which probably made her the highest paid female anchor on television.

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