Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein Gets Grilled

FBI Director Christopher Wray and DAG Rod Rosenstein were on Capitol Hill Thursday publicly testifying to House Republicans over the FBI and DOJ’s mishandling of Hillary’s email investigation and Spygate.

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy unloaded on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over Special Counsel Robert Mueller not moving faster in the Russia investigation.

Rosenstein oversees Mueller’s investigation since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself — for the never-ending probe.

Gowdy said: “If you have evidence of any wrong doing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn Grand Jury. If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the people. Whatever you got, finish it the hell up. Right now this country is being torn apart.”

After a year of investigating, Mueller hasn’t found or produced a shred of evidence against President Trump regarding illegal activities or collusion with Russia.

Trump has been cooperating with the special counsel’s office, yet Mueller refuses to wrap up his investigation into the president.

Gowdy said exactly how a majority of Americans feel about the Russia witch hunt: show us what you got, and finish it up.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan jumped in right after Gowdy, saying the American people are sick of the DOJ slow walking the Russia probe and refusing to hand over documents to Congress.

“We are sick and tired of the Department of Justice giving us the runaround. As a separate branch of government, we have a right to get information.”

“We want the full weight of the United States House of Representatives behind this resolution saying we are entitled, again, as a separate and equal branch of government, to get the information we need to do our oversight duty.”

The Deputy Attorney General laughed at GOP lawmakers and refused to answer questions by House Republicans.


As soon as Rosenstein tried to push back, Jim Jordan yelled, “We’ve caught you hiding information!”
Rosenstein was visibly uncomfortable as Jim Jordan put him on notice.

Rosenstein said, “Your use of this to attack me personally is deeply wrong.”

Rosenstein’s smug attitude during Thursday’s Congressional hearing was completely unacceptable.

Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Rosenstein and reminded him the House was voting to pass a resolution giving him “seven days to get his act together.”

Later Thursday, House Republicans held a vote and passed a resolution demanding the DOJ comply with requests to turn over classified Trump-Russia docs or face impeachment, contempt.

Jordan’s remarks have made noise, but Gowdy’s blistering statement sent shock waves.

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