Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Democrats Stoop To New Low

By Mark, Contributing Associate

Two main issues have dominated the news this week; 1) the tragic murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal alien from Mexico and 2) the legal actions against 2 former associates of our President. It’s been a regular circus watching the Left and Right push their agendas regarding these 2 stories. First I’ll comment on the legal issues with Manafort and Cohen. Both of these actions were claimed as victories of the Mueller probe. Yeah that probe into collusion with the Russians to rig the elections. What exactly these have to do with what Manafort was charged with I have no clue, nor do I know what it has to do with any of the charges brought up against Cohen. To me it’s like playing pool and you shoot the cue ball into a large group of balls and one of the desired balls goes in the pocket. I guess you can call it a victory. Bottom line is there is still no evidence of President Trump colluding with the Russians to impact the 2016 election. The Left keeps hoping they can find something to trip up President Trump. I find it ridiculous that they hold Trump to a higher standard than guys like Kennedy and Clinton. Nobody was more crooked than Willie boy. You want to talk about sex scandals? I say Willie boy makes President Trump look like a choir boy. Willie boy lied to the Grand Jury and all sorts of good stuff. Not to mention bopping Monika in the oval office. Hey Monika, could you please moisten my cigar. OMG! Like Sen. Chuck Grassley said yesterday – the Dems have very short memories.That brings me to Mollie Tibbetts – the beautiful, 20 year old student at the University of Iowa. Missing for 5 weeks after disappearing while jogging in her neighborhood. Evidence led authorities to Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 24 year old Mexican national living in the US illegally. No he is not an undocumented immigrant. Let’s cut out the political lingo and call this POS what he is – illegal alien. He gave false information to obtain employment and has been living and working there in Iowa for at least 4 years. The preliminary autopsy confirmed the identity of Mollie and that the cause of death was from multiple sharp force injuries. Sharp forced injuries are those caused by a knife or other sharp objects and in some cases by blunt force objects like an ax or hatchet. By law, other aspects of her autopsy are kept confidential. What that means is you may never know if she was sexually assaulted on top of being brutally stabbed to death. Rivera has already confessed to the murder and led authorities to the body where he dumped her like garbage and covered her body with corn stalks. President Trump wasted no time making a plea for better immigration laws and stronger borders to prevent this type of thing from happening again. With stronger borders and more resources on the border perhaps this monster would have been prevented from illegally entering our country. Perhaps stronger immigration laws and processes would prevent illegals from using false information to gain employment in this country. Perhaps our system could be improved to prevent criminals from living and hiding in the US for 4 to 7 years undetected. I couldn’t help but identify with Mollie’s parents and thoughts of my 21 year old daughter came to mind. My daughter is active and loves to run the Katy Trail and other trails wherever she may be. God help the person that would ever harm her. But what comes next may be the most appalling thing about the Mollie Tibbetts murder – the Dems’ dewwwwresponse to President Trump’s appeal for stronger immigration laws. It became clear what the priorities for Democrats are. This was confirmed by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren in her CNN interview. What Sen. Warren said removed all doubt where Dems stand on the immigration issue. It leaves no doubt which side they stand with. Let me be clear what I mean by that. The 2 sides I believe are that of American citizens and LEGAL immigrants and the other side is ILLEGAL immigrants. I am still shocked what came out of Sen. Warren’s mouth plus the fact she would even say it removing all doubt where Dems stand. Sen. Warren actually put the concerns of Americans like the Tibbetts family still grieving over the loss of their daughter beneath those of ILLEGAL immigrants.

I am almost without words to describe my outrage. If I were Rob Tibbetts, the first person I would strangle after this Rivera monster would be Elizabeth Warren – calling illegal alien issues more important. OMG! If this doesn’t make your blood boil how do you call yourself an American. Warren’s comments were followed by a flurry of other comments defending Rivera and other ILLEGAL immigrants. Starting with Rivera’s attorney lying about him being in Iowa legally. Then some Dem spokesperson calling Mollie Tibbetts “some girl from Iowa”.

Another blaming Rivera’s masculinity for the murder. I look at the Left and wonder how low they can go to oppose President Trump. How low will they go to protect their voting base. It really makes me ill to see what’s going on with the Left. Think about what the Left and the media would be doing had this young woman been black and the killer had been an NRA member. Just think about that for a while. Politics are ugly and even uglier when you find yourself on the wrong side of an argument. For five weeks Rivera has had to look himself in the mirror knowing he murdered an innocent, beautiful, young woman. He threw her in trunk of his car and carried her to a remote corn field and dumped her body like a sack of garbage. Then he covered her body with corn stalks to conceal her body and his evil act. Hopefully after his conviction he’ll spend the rest of his life looking at himself in the mirror. Dems you have to look yourselves in the mirror. You have to live with the fact that you pandering to illegals is part of the problem not part of the solution. Republicans are doing things to help Americans. Dems, all you are worried about is doing things for yourself. SHAME ON YOU!

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