Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Democrats Rooting For A Recession

HBO Host of Real Time with Bill Maher is rooting for a Recession.

Typical Liberal mindset that it doesn’t matter that the Nation’s Economy is at an all time high, they just don’t like Donald Trump. The Democrats know that they have nothing to run on, so their plan is to trash Donald Trump at all cost even if it hurts the people of America.

The Elitist Left is in “Panic” mode. Mainstream Media and Hollywood is freaking out because America is gaining momentum on the world stage and the Economy is on Steroids and the possibility of “Zero unemployment (that means that there are more jobs than people to fill them). According to the latest “Jobs” report we are already there. Stock Market all time high, Taxes lower, wages higher, ISIS is on the run and will soon be gone, MS13 gangs are being rounded up even though the Dem’s are trying to help them remain at large, trade deficits going down, energy independence, tariffs on American goods being lowered, Law Enforcement supported, respect for our Military, better Border enforcement, balanced trade, VA reform, cleaning up the Intelligence Community, building our Military, highest minority unemployment in history, African American home ownership at an all time high, and most important the Swamp is being drained, the Deep State is being called out and identified. Joy Behar, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Joe Scarborough and George Stephanopoulos are about to lose their minds because they hate good news.

The good news is that Bill and Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Andrew McCabe, Susan Rice, Clapper and Brennan are all going to go to Jail before Donald Trump leaves office.

They know it and they are in full throttle trying anything and everything to derail President Trump. The Trump Train is gaining momentum as Independents and African Americans are opting to jump on the Train.

The “Swamp” is fighting back both Democrats and Republicans in Washington but Trump is unrelenting and working all the time. Don’t you just love the fact that he tells it like it is.

At last we have a true leader that Champions every cause that is a benefit to the American people. He is truly the “People’s President”. Just relax and sit back and enjoy while he “Makes America Great Again”.
He understands the meaning of insanity, remember, that’s continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Donald Trump is just an Umpire, “He Calls It Like He See’s It”


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