Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Democrats Reeling Over Trump’s Female Candidates For SCOTUS

The Democrats are reeling and scrambling to come up with a new narrative to reinforce their claim that President Trump is sexist and is waging a war on women. The President has announced that 2 of the top 5 candidates to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy are women.

Justice Antonin Scalia

Donald Trump, who the Democrats say treats women like garbage. Donald Trump, the inveterate sexist. Donald Trump and his war on women. Donald Trump, the man who has narrowed his original list of Supreme Court choices down to three men and two women, and the favorite is a woman.

Not only are there two women in the running at this stage, the clear favorite is Amy Coney Barrett, a recent Trump addition to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia. She is only 46 years old, meaning she’d likely be on the high court well past 2040, which is making the Left go crazy.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

There would also be a shrewd tactical element to nominating Barrett. When she was appointed to the 7th Circuit Court in 2017, her Catholicism engendered fanatical responses from the left. That poses an interesting conundrum for Democrats: Either go after her on her religious beliefs to satisfy their increasingly secular base or avoid a losing argument about religious freedom that would likely cost them several swing races.

Schumer wouldn’t want to put swing seats at risk in heavily Catholic states like California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Chuck Schumer

California is seen as crucial to recapturing the House for Democrats, and alienating Catholics statewide probably isn’t a good strategy. Social conservatives, would be rallied to the polls in what was supposed to be an off year for the GOP.

The fact that she is a mother of seven children, and that when she speaks about her Catholic faith, she speaks about God as if she really believes in His existence, will provoke nasty and bigoted statements from Democratic senators and liberal media personalities.

Barrett is an eminently qualified judge, and it would put Democrats in the unique position of having to excoriate a woman on national TV, something the party faithful might accept, but wouldn’t go over well with the American public, who have been told for many years that Democrats are the party protecting women.

As for the candidates’ stance on Roe v. Wade, which the left seems to have gone apoplectic about, the President said. “I’m not going to ask them that question.”

r v w

Nominating a woman to the highest court in the land, doesn’t seem like something an inveterate sexist would do.

It will be interesting to see how the sexist angle is worked in by the Mainstream Media.

Make no mistake, it will be in there. If Barnett or (6th Circuit Court of Appeals) Judge Joan Larsen, another former Scalia clerk is the nominee, Liberals will have other problems to try to explain away.

Judge Joan Larsen

The President is expected to announce his choice on Monday, July 9th.

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