Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Democrats Attend Trump Rallies

Previous Trump rallies average, 23% of rally goers identify as Democrats.

For Toledo, OH, the number was 21.9%, but the stunning stat from this rally is that 20.9% of attendees identified as Independents.

This means that 42.8% of the 22,927 voters were either a Democrat or an Independent, plus 5,216 voters or nearly 23% of attendees did not bother to vote in 2016, yet they showed up for a Trump rally. These people can almost be considered new voters.

It is very good news that Trump is drawing such large numbers of Democrats and Independents.

Here are the numbers for rallies in Toledo, OH, Battle Creek, MI, Broward, FL, Tupelo, MS, and Dallas, TX.


22,927 Voters identified

5,216 Registrants Didn’t Vote in 2016

21.9% Democrats

20.9% Independents

Battle Creek Michigan

20,202 voters identified (92.2% from MI)

15% haven’t voted in last four elections, WOW!

15% have voted in only one of the last four elections

17% Democrats

Broward, Florida

31,177 voters identified

19% voted once or less in last 4 elections (8% in zero)

24% Democrat

27% Hispanic

Incredible data from a county that is predominantly blue. Put Florida in the win column for 2020!


16,432 voters identified

24% voted once or less in last 4 elections (12% in zero)

27% Democrat

20% Black


53,985 voters identified

12% have not voted in the last 4 elections

21.4% Democrat

11% Latino

dallas rally.JPG

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