Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Category: Mark’s Blog

“Obstruct – Obstruct – Obstruct”

By Mark, Contributing Associate A lot of stuff on my mind this week with the Nike scandal and SCOTUS confirmation hearings going on. For the first time I’ve actually been tuning in when I can to the confirmation hearings. Coffee breaks and lunch time have provided me a few minutes here and there to listen […]

Federal Wage Freeze

It’s another day in paradise and another day for Dems and MSM to trash President Trump. By Mark, Contributing Associate If you haven’t figured it out yet, President Trump is a businessman and apparently a darn good one building up a multibillion dollar empire. Last check his net worth is 3.1 Billion dollars. He often […]

Democrats Stoop To New Low

By Mark, Contributing Associate Two main issues have dominated the news this week; 1) the tragic murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal alien from Mexico and 2) the legal actions against 2 former associates of our President. It’s been a regular circus watching the Left and Right push their agendas regarding these 2 stories. […]

Fake News vs The Truth

By – Mark Berry, Contributing Associate What’s in the Fake News today you ask? As usual I start my day with a cup of coffee and reading Townhall a conservative news website. A couple of pieces of good news caught my eye – 1) Balderson is leading the special election in Ohio and 2) millions […]

America, Land Of The Free?

American land of the free and home of the brave! Well if the Socialist have anything more to do with it, we will be the land of the “FREE” and home of the broke. That’s right broke. I laugh at these young liberals pushing these Socialist agendas promoting free education and free healthcare. There is […]

Immigration, The Right Way

By Mark Berry, Contributing Associate I often start my morning reading Townhall, a conservative news website. Read an article this morning about Cruz’s opponent that held a rally yesterday in Graham, TX. Every person supporting him mention they liked his stance on immigration. Not one person mentioned abortion, marahoochie, gun control or the other liberal […]