Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Category: Mainstream Media

CNN’s Jim Acosta Proves Walls Work

CNN’s Jim Acosta traveled to Texas ahead of President Trump’s visit to the border and decided to go to the border to show that the president was wrong about was is happening and ended up showing once and for all that border walls work.  You have to wonder, did he really expect to see illegals […]

Millions Of Bottles of Water

Millions Of Water Bottles Found Rotting In Puerto Rico As San Juan Mayor Continues To Bash Trump In their “Panic”, the Liberal Left, Democrats and Socialist continue their criticism of President Trump for anything they can dream up even blaming him for causing Hurricane Florence. I am trying to visualize how President Trump went to […]

Just “Some Girl In Iowa”

MSNBC guest and Liberal Democrat Fordham University Professor Christina Greer complained on MSNBC’s ‘The Beat’ Tuesday that all Fox News wanted to talk about was “some girl in Iowa” referring to Mollie Tibbetts the Iowa college student who was murdered by an illegal alien, missing for more than a month and dominating national media coverage. […]

Sanders – Cortez & Chinese Arithmetic

The Medicare, Medicaid cost estimates by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem to be calculated using Chinese Arithmetic.  Of course this comes as no surprise as the Socialist Liberal Democrats seem to have an ongoing problem with cost number statements that they profess. Recently CNN’s Jake Tapper, fact-checked Democratic socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders […]

Trump Calls Out NATO Members

Liberals, Democrats and the Mainstream Media are criticizing President Trump for standing up to NATO on behalf of the US taxpayers because NATO Members are not paying their fair share. The fact is the United States spends more than any other NATO member, both in total cost and as a percentage of G.D.P. in order […]

America Is Back

When we step back and take a long deep look at what has been happening for the last 18 months you have to be encouraged. We have a President that is working for the American people rather than trying to make deals with rogue countries and bowing to renegade dictators. We have a new President […]

Democrats Rooting For A Recession

HBO Host of Real Time with Bill Maher is rooting for a Recession. Typical Liberal mindset that it doesn’t matter that the Nation’s Economy is at an all time high, they just don’t like Donald Trump. The Democrats know that they have nothing to run on, so their plan is to trash Donald Trump at […]

Main Stream Media Ignores ISIS Capture

President Trump announced the capture of five of the “most wanted Islamic Commanders”. The news was completely ignored by ABC and NBC and a CNN reporter tried to downplay the capture, contradicting President Trump’s announcement by categorizing the individuals as “key” ISIS leaders rather than “most wanted” as stated in President Trumps announcement. The captured […]

Good Job, Mr. President

The Liberal Left just can’t say the words “Good Job Mr. President”. Shortly after President Trump announced that the Americans held hostage by North Korea had been released and were on the way home with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo several Democrats immediately started down playing the release. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer bizarrely attacked […]