Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Category: Amendments

Trump Wants To Arm Teachers

Speaking at the NRA’s annual convention in Dallas, President Trump called again for arming teachers, saying, “We support the Second Amendment, not only because we believe in freedom, but also because we trust in everyday, talented, wonderful people … And by the way, these teachers, they love their students. And they are not going to let […]

My Take on Gun Laws

So here’s my opinion on gun control. To put it simply, I feel that any form of gun control is unconstitutional. The Second Amendment, which is contained in the Bill of Rights, states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That doesn’t mean arms approved by the […]

Democrats Wage War On The 1st Amendment

James Madison once sounded a warning about how liberty might one day be stolen away from the American people: “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” Madison was right. Today, Democrats have […]

Texas Gun Shows

Liberals would have you believe that guns purchased at Gun Shows are exempt from the purchaser not having to have a background prior to purchase that is simply a lie.

1st Amendment

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press. It also protects the right to peaceful protest and to petition the government. The amendment was adopted in 1791 along with nine other amendments that make up the Bill of Rights a written document protecting civil liberties under U.S. […]