Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

California Dreaming

More people are leaving California than moving in!

Progressive policies are hurting the state of California.

It is known for high taxes, a massive homeless problem, disease in the cities, and human waste in the streets.

calif str

All of this combined is causing people to flee the state.

cal street

State officials say it is the first time since the 2010 census that more people left California than moved in over the course of a year, contributing to the state’s slowest recorded growth rate since 1900.

The nation’s most populous state experienced a 16.4 percent increase in homelessness in 2019, the report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development said, even though voters approved a $4 billion affordable housing bond more than a year ago, and Los Angeles passed its own $1.2 billion housing bond in 2016.

L.A. has been slow to spend its money on shelters because of neighborhood opposition.

 The state’s largest coastal cities have long experienced housing prices and rents that exceed the budgets of many families

What is it going to take for California to change direction?

cal leaders

The state needs new leadership!

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