Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Author: True Conservative Talk

Setting The Record Straight

During President Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire asked him about Russian interference in the 2016 election. President Trump responded with an answer that cast doubt on the U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment of massive Russian election interference. Here’s the exchange: LEMIRE: “Just now, President Putin denied having […]

Maxine Waters The Queen of California

The Oath Keepers group, which is comprised of veterans and law enforcement officers, was planning to protest Maxine Waters’ recent comments urging her supporters to harass Trump supporters and members of the Trump administration when seen in public. Waters said last month, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department […]

San Francisco, A Big Liberal S#!thole

While San Francisco used to be known for its trolleys, now it’s best known for being a giant s**thole. The same leftists whining incessantly about “Russian meddling” in our democracy just granted non-citizens the right to vote in local elections in San Francisco. “We want to give immigrants the right to vote,” said Supervisor Norman […]

A Christians Dilemma ‘World Hunger’

Almost every night on TV, I see organizations asking for help for the people of African Countries, showing starving little children. I see these images and it makes me want to cry. Then logic kicks in and I realize that this is not a long term solution to world hunger.   Since the famous ‘Feed […]

Liberal Reunification Hypocrisy

The Trump administration announced that the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security have determined that almost half of the children who were five years old or younger and separated from adults at the U.S. border couldn’t be reunited with them because many of the adults were violent criminals, and some of the adults […]

Trump Calls Out NATO Members

Liberals, Democrats and the Mainstream Media are criticizing President Trump for standing up to NATO on behalf of the US taxpayers because NATO Members are not paying their fair share. The fact is the United States spends more than any other NATO member, both in total cost and as a percentage of G.D.P. in order […]

The Mask Is Off

The “Mask” is off! The Democrat party is in complete disarray. Civil, Sane, Patroitic, Christian, life long Democrats are walking away from the Party. The violence, threats, calls to abolish borders and abolish ICE are causing people to leave the Democrat party in droves. Americans, are sick and tired of the hatred, divisiveness, fake news, […]

California Dreamin’

While the reasons for California’s ever-spiraling downwards status from 1st World economic prominence and prosperity to near 3rd World malaise are many;  I will assert that when you combine uber-liberal politicians, with rich elitist Hollywood Celebrities, dotcom CEO billionaires, disengaged millennials and illegal aliens; you in effect create the circumstances where your city or state becomes […]

Liberals & Democrats Attack Ice

Despite the President changing U.S. policy on border detentions, the open-borders advocates continue to protest. Fueled by far-left benefactors like George Soros, each weekend, there are protests and some have actually turned violent, such as the bloody unrest in Portland, Oregon.   We have come a very long way since 9/11 to enhance security, protections, […]