Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Amnesty For Illegals Cost

Amnesty For Illegals To Add $2 Trillion

The Cost To Taxpayers For Providing Welfare, Education And Healthcare To Illegal Immigrants Will Soar If They Are Granted Amnesty And Citizenship, As The Aging Population Secures Social Security Retirement And Medicare.

With The Costs Of Illegal Immigration Already At $135 Billion, According To A Recent Report, The Retirement Bill Is Likely To Add Far More, Bringing The Tab To $2 Trillion.

“Do The Math, And Six Million Long-Term Undocumented Residents Translates Into Roughly $2 Trillion Of Government Benefits Over The Balance Of Their Lives. This Is A Calculation Few Have Considered But Is A Likelihood As President Trump And Congress Moves Toward Embracing Some 1,800,000 So Called “Dreamers,” Youths Who Illegally Entered The U.S. Under A Pro-Immigration Obama Era Plan, And Millions Of Others Already Here.

A Recent Report From The Federation For American Immigration Reform Put The Cost Of Illegal Immigrants And Their Kids At $135 Billion A Year, The Highest Ever, Driven By Free Medical Care, Education And A Huge Law Enforcement Bill.

State And Local Governments Are Getting Ravaged By The Costs, At Over $88 Billion, The Federal Government, By Comparison, Is Getting Off Easy At $45 Billion In Costs For Illegals.

In 2018, The Average Social Security Benefit Per Retiree Will Amount To $16,428 For The Year.

On Average, Medicare Spending Is Around $10,000/Year Per Medicare Enrollee. Hispanics Actually Outlive Whites By About Eighteen Months.

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