Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

America, Land Of The Free?

American land of the free and home of the brave!

Well if the Socialist have anything more to do with it, we will be the land of the “FREE” and home of the broke. That’s right broke. I laugh at these young liberals pushing these Socialist agendas promoting free education and free healthcare. There is just one problem kiddos, nothing in this world is FREE.

cortAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Those things that other countries are doing come at a huge cost in the form of TAXES. Yes TAXES! Look at Denmark for example. Often praised for it’s healthcare system and free college tuition. Last time I checked their tax rate was 61%. Japan which has a socialized healthcare system has a tax rate of 56% percent. There is one other problem with these “FREE” things. Denmark is having problems with student who never seem to want to graduate. Students are spending on average 1.5 years longer in school. Funny how that works. Who wants to graduate and get a job so that Denmark’s version of Uncle Sam can take 61% of you paycheck to pay someone else’s education. Let’s look at healthcare. What if you’re not sick a whole lot. You eat healthy and make sure your family does to. Do you want the majority of you hard earned dollar to pay for others who don’t take care of themselves.


Here’s an excellent example. Recently an illegal alien gave birth to the first baby in the US that was infected with the Zika virus. Technically the baby is a US citizen and qualifies for assistance. So us tax payers are on the hook for what could be millions of dollars to care for this child. I know this is a tough issue, but had this person come to the US legally she would have to have passed a health check. Most likely the virus would have been detected and she would have been rejected from entering the US. This same scenario could and would exist without incentives kept in place. When you don’t bare the cost of things it is just human nature to not take care of them. There are examples of this everywhere. Just look at subsidized housing. Those places are truly ghettos because there is no pride in ownership.

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Pride is a powerful thing and one of the fundamentals this great country was built upon. My parents taught me a valuable lesson as a teenager. To start out, they gave me everything. They provided me a car, a gas card and paid my insurance. I drove everywhere without any regard to how much gas I burned. I wrecked my car a couple of times and they of course got it repaired. I got a couple of speeding tickets too and eventually the insurance company cancelled my insurance. My parents finally put their foot down. They said you have your choice, you can make your car payment or pay for your insurance. I chose my insurance. BIG MISTAKE. I had to go through a special company because I was a high risk driver – male, under 25 and poor driving record. My premium was around $2700 back in 1978. It took me all summer to earn enough money to pay for my insurance. It wasn’t until that point I realized I need to be a safer driver. Stop having wrecks and getting speeding tickets so my insurance would go down. That was a great lesson and probably why I’m still alive today.

Home of the FREE means we are a free people. Free to live and vote as we see fit. Free to own land, freedom of religion. Free to get what kind of job we want and change jobs when we want. The list of FREEDOMS goes on. FREE does NOT mean you don’t have to work. As soon as you Socialists figure out that someone has to work to finance your ideas the sooner you’ll figure out that it’s YOU as soon as you get that “FREE” education. “FREE” is a great idea as long as someone else is paying the bill.

Mark Berry, Contributing Associate


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