Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

America Is Winning Again

America is winning again and the Democrats can’t stand it because it will insure that they will be the Party of the past.  The Democrats have been doing everything to obstruct President Trump from being successful.  The thing that they don’t seem to get is the fact that he is already successful and his goal is for the citizens of the United States are also successful.. He loves this country,  our military, our law enforcement  and most of all the hard working tax paying citizens.


The Democrats are charging him with Obstruction but the fact is they are the Obstructionist.  The House has not introduced any legislation to help the legal citizens of this country but instead focused on coming up with lies to try and remove the duly elected President that we the people chose to lead our country.


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He is running the largest business in the world by running it like a business and is holding our Allies to their commitments and is about to pull off the biggest trade deal in history that will again benefit the people of this country.

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The Democrats along with the Main Stream Media are against Border Security, lowering the tax burden, respecting law enforcement and stopping the endless wars that have been draining our resources, building our crumbling infrastructure and creating even more jobs.  They are against us being energy independent , secure in our homes, solving the homeless problem and getting more people off Food Stamps.

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The Democrats try to detract from Trumps successes and are 24/7 desperately trying to make up anything to criticize him for.  They are in denial that he is moving this economy at Hyper Speed.

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Trumps attitude is like that of David Farragut the first Admiral of the US Navy who said during the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay,



Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.”


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