Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

America Is Back

When we step back and take a long deep look at what has been happening for the last 18 months you have to be encouraged. We have a President that is working for the American people rather than trying to make deals with rogue countries and bowing to renegade dictators. We have a new President and Administration and the former President and his Administration along with a complicit Liberal Media is trying to undermine everything that Trump is trying to accomplish and the things that he has accomplished they criticize. All they want to do is to continue to divide the country because that is their desire. They want Trump to fail even if the cost is to have America fail and ultimately hurt the American people.

Although the Liberal and Democratic hate for President Trump is unprecedented it is understandable. They were planning a big victory party the night of the election and Donald Trump, a businessman, stopped the corrupt Clinton Political Machine preventing the Left’s Socialistic Agenda to crash and burn.

Then to make matters worse every morning they wake up to the President’s Tweets and they are reminded every morning that Donald J. Trump is in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats with the help of the Mainstream Fake News Media are creating a Cultural Civil War. The Media’s Liberal bias is out of control. Every time something good happens they go “Crazy” trying to spin and corrupt any good news.

What they don’t seem to realize is that Trump grew up in New York which is the toughest, nastiest Media Market in the World and for over 40 years has had to fight it every day. What they also don’t seem to realize is that Trump likes to fight and wakes up every morning looking for a fight. He is unafraid and undaunted by their continuous attacks.

It seems to have upset the Democrats and the Media that Trump has cancelled more regulations than all of the last 6 Presidents. The Democrats are upset that Trump cut taxes, cancelled unfair Trade Agreements, threatened Nato Allies to pay their fair share, pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and is calling out all of our so-called friends around the world for unfair “Tariffs” on American goods. They won’t recognize that these actions have sent the Stock Market to unprecedented levels. They want to ignore that Black Un-employment is at an all time low, Black home ownership at an all time high. The latest numbers on Un-employment show that there are more Jobs than people to fill them and he has accomplished this with the Democrats and Media kicking and screaming while Americans are enjoying the fastest growing economy since Ronald Reagan. The estimated growth for the next quarter is expected to be at 4.8%. That is the fastest since the end of the Depression, 88 years ago. Deregulation encourages growth and now businesses don’t have to worry about the Government harassing them or putting them out of business.

What is interesting is that Trump went to college and studied Economics and then Real Estate. He is very smart and listens to everybody and has a unique ability to process information, has lots of energy and is not afraid to take immediate action or walk away from a bad deal.

Trump wants to grow the economy so that there is no need for welfare and entitlement programs. His desire is to grow the economy and create jobs and re-educate people to get those new jobs and build a huge structure that will truly “Make America Great Again”

On the other hand, the Liberals and Democrats model is that the individual doesn’t count and must be part of a group. Their plan is to divide and not to unite.

Canadian Companies are now considering moving to America because of our new tax structure for Corporations which means more jobs and opportunity for Americans. Do you think that may be the reason Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t like Trump.

Trump’s America First Agenda has got the attention of the World and they are worried. No more “Piggy Bank” to rob.

After WWII America was 50% of the World Economy. That being said we could afford to be generous to other country’s and helped them to rebuild. America was not bombed out and we extended a helping hand to everyone. Seventy years of charity has almost broke America and we are now 21 Trillion in debt. When disaster strikes America no country except Israel has offered anything to help.

Prior to 2017, China stole 460 Billion from US Companies stealing our technology. That is more than we sold to them.

Donald Trump puts Americans first instead of some “Vague World System”, being promoted by the Liberal Left and Democrats.

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