Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Fake News vs The Truth

By – Mark Berry, Contributing Associate

What’s in the Fake News today you ask? As usual I start my day with a cup of coffee and reading Townhall a conservative news website. A couple of pieces of good news caught my eye – 1) Balderson is leading the special election in Ohio and 2) millions of people have dropped off the food stamp program. In addition, the latest poll regarding optimism among small business is at an all time high at +118. The economy is by far the best it’s been in a decade. I have never seen so many HELP WANTED signs at the places I frequent. Whether or not you view any other accomplishment of President Trump as positive, there is no denying the improvements in the economy. I see it everywhere. So for my amusement I decided to visit my Fake News feed and see what they had to say. I went to the Money section where I assume they put all the news about the economy. What was their lead story? How small business has been turned upside down by all these tariffs. Basically every company is buying what I like to call CFC (crap from China). Metals, electronics and other junk. Ever wonder why you dishwasher or refrigerator only lasts 5 years now? CFC is the reason. Also there is some interesting math in the article. One start-up company that is making a smart light switch. Really? I guess Millennials need a light switch they can control from their smart phone. Anyway, apparently this switch retails for $249. This new 10% tariff on CFC is forcing the company to raise the price to $299. Hmmmmmm. Last time I checked 10% of 249 was about 25 and that’s retail. The tariff affects the manufacturing cost which should be much, much less than the retail cost. The article is full of things like this. So Fake News works hard in presenting a negative story about the economy when it’s booming! I have a message for those small companies, buy American! Your product will last longer and no one will mind that it costs a little more. Oh, BTW you want to know what Fake News had as one of their main stories in their Money section – Man Buries 42 School Buses Underground ……

Since Trump’s election the Small Business Index has gone from 54 to 118.

That brings me to food stamps. Does anyone else find that 2.8 million people have dropped off this program as good news? I certainly do. I can not count the times I’ve stood in line at my local grocery and seen a person pull out their Star card to buy groceries. They used to restrict what you could buy but they decided it was too much trouble and couldn’t really control it so you can buy pretty much anything with a SNAP card. You can even buy steak and lobster. Want to know how those illegal aliens get their SNAP cards? Very simple they sneak over here, have a baby and VOILA’ the whole household qualifies for food stamps. Free food, free school, free healthcare and a bunch of other freebies. Free to them. To the tax payer, not so much. We still have a welfare problem in this country with 21% of the population receiving some kind of assistance. But with 2.8 Million folks dropping off food stamps that is a 1% step in the right direction. I think the positive things President Trump is doing is empowering people. Putting pride back into America. Putting control back into the hands of the people and not some government agency. America how does it feel to toss that SNAP card and buy some groceries on your own nickel?

Nobody is going to look at you funny in the grocery store line any longer unless it’s with mutual respect. I challenge you to find a positive news source today. One hint, it’s not in your news feed unless you think burying buses is a positive thing.


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