Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Texas’ Latest Liberal Challenger “Beto”

The latest in a long line of Liberal candidates being served up to challenge who ever the Republican Senator, Representative or Governor may be in Texas is “Beto”  Robert Francis O’Rourke who will try to unseat Ted Cruz in the next election.

O’Rourke is of Irish descent but goes by the name of Beto to attract Hispanic support.  He advocates the usual Liberal Socialistic agenda of Open Borders, Legalized Pot, Amnesty to Illegals (to enlarge the liberal base), Sanctuary Cities and “Free” at the expense of hard working Texans.

Beto is the one on the left in the flowered dress. He was the bassist for a band named the El Paso Pussycats. He was arrested in 1995 on burglary charges and later was arrested in 1997 for drunken driving and received deferred adjudication .

beto beto
His campaign slogan is “Texas Deserves Better.”

I agree!

O’Rourke currently represents the El Paso area in the US House of Representatives.

I keep asking myself” where do the Democrats come up with these people. I guess they turned over a rock and there he was.  The Liberals, Socialist and Democrats are pouring “Millions” into this election in an effort to turn Texas “Blue.”

texas blue donkey

If the Socialist Liberal Democrats ever succeed and turn Texas Blue say goodbye to our Republic.

Like I have pointed out before, Lincoln needed General Ulysses Grant, Roosevelt needed George Patton, America needed Trump and Texas needs Ted Cruz. We need tough people who are unafraid and are not owned by the likes of George Soros, who was a Nazi in Hitlers Youth movement during WWII. If I didn’t make an effort to teach my grand kids history they would know nothing about the American Revolution, the Civil War, Texas Independence, the War of 1812 (where our National Anthem originated), WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, the Korean War or Viet Nam. Our educational system has been corrupted by Liberal professors and teachers, and text books and curriculum has been scrubbed of these important events.


We need smart business people to lead this country, not lifetime politicians. I am tired of my taxes going to take care of illegals and criminals breaking into our country with their hands out. Trump didn’t cause the problem at the border, the illegals that brought their children here breaking our laws caused their own problem for themselves and their kids. The corrupt Mexican Government needs to be held accountable.

Texas citizens have been impacted more than any other group by illegal immigration and NAFTA.  All you have to do to realize this is to go to the local Wal-Mart and watch these families with 3 to 6 small children using their Lone Star Card at the check out counter.

I have Hispanic relatives and many Hispanic friends that don’t expect me to support them.  Some of my best employees are hard working legal Hispanic citizens who I love and respect.

These people come here with no clue about our history and in fact could care less.  They just want some of what we have fought and worked for to just be handed to them because the Liberals say they are entitled just because they are here.

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